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How Technology is Changing Property & Facilities Management

Property and facilities management is a complex, multi-dimensional, ever evolving industry. With clients needs changing and shifting constantly to comply with regulations or appease tenant trends real estate operators and investors have to remain agile and knowledgeable. However, this requires a great deal of time and resources that can distract from other objectives or projects. Hiring a property management firm to oversee your property can leverage your time to capture new opportunities. Moreover, property management firms have to adapt to the trends and be equipped with the latest technology and tools in order to be agile, effective, and ultimately successful.

Technology has become an ever increasing concern among property managers and has changed the landscape of property management. Here are three important ways technology has changed the property management.

Technology enables property managers newfound agility and a complete view of a property with the added value of not having to be onsite. Tenant portals, online recordkeeping, and multiple touch points via digital channels increase connectivity between all parties involved (i.e. tenants, property managers, real estate agents/investors). Technology offers increased freedom and decreased stress for all parties involved too. By utilizing the latest in technology, property managers have heightened awareness and are positioned for increased responsiveness. Connectivity means greater communication. It allows tenants to connect with property managers to handle an assortment of needs too, two-way communication. With more effective customer service tools and digital proxies, property managers can service tenants quickly, efficiently, and with decreased effort; translating into property growth and success.

Technology also affords property management firms increased control, focused overseeing, and expanded administrative capacity for greater clarity. Software and the internet afford managers a heightened view of a property’s health and proactive options to facilitate smooth operations for decreased risks and issues. Technology is imperative for proper and successful property management because it increases the vantage point and expands the bandwidth of a manager, translating into preemptive and prescriptive planning for seamless execution.

Aside from connectivity and more effective administration technology also offers this added benefit: Cost reduction of services with increased efficacy. Adding technological tools and resources to management toolkit allows managers and their clients lower overall cost and decreased expenditure over the time. For example, automating digital touch points for tenants gives them channels to communicate, but more importantly, it means a decreased cost to customer services options. This has an even greater effect too, a decreased cost to the real estate operators or investors from the management firm. More technological implementation means increased effectiveness of services, but also dramatically decreases the cost of operations and associated fees for the agent, manager, and even the tenant.

Optimized utilization of innovative technology combined with extensive experience, knowledge set Ashore Property Management apart from other property managers. APM offers personalized management solutions for your property with robust technological integrations for even greater ascendancy and property performance. We make property management transparent, easy, and versatile with technology to drive optimized, streamlined services. Ashore Property Management’s technological implementations and utilizations help manage properties with increased efficiency and agility that leverages your time and return.

Beginner’s to Guide Choosing a Property Management Firm

Property Management firms offer a wide range of services for operations flourishes. A property manager can help you leverage your time, which means greater returns. Before selecting a property manager, consider a few key factors. Doing so will make the difference between success and failure.

Know Your Management Firm

Realize that not all property managers have the capabilities you need. For example, they might not be capable of the correct overseeing and support services. Be certain the firm has experience managing in the relevant sector or industry. Do your research too. Ensure the management has the experience and expertise, which align with your priorities and property type. A property management company could have experience with a particular property in a sector. But it might not be a good fit for your asset in a different sector.

Research, Research, Research

Do your research on the prospective property manager. Be certain that it is a good fit is more than making sure they have industry-specific experience too. Question your prospective property manager about their certifications and understanding of the law. A  manager should have strong and up-to-date knowledge of federal, state, and local law. Aside from a management firm knowing the law. Also, question how they handle money and other transactions.

Once you research your property manager, confirming they’re experienced, certified, licensed, knowledgeable. Make sure they are able to handle the scope of the property (especially financially). You should view the terms of your agreement as well. Review a firm’s contract before signing.  Especially to determine their rates and if you can stop the relationship if needed.

How Ashore Property Management Can Help

Ashore Property Management provides real estate management services to owners and investors. APM and its staff have extensive experience servicing the healthcare, hospitality, housing sectors. Is a specialized real estate service firm too. Certified (FMP906159) and licensed (NJHIC #13VH0865100) to perform full-service management. APM handles over 100 million of real estate assets on behalf of owners and investors. The team provides the resources necessary to execute our clients’ objectives. APM achieves measurable results.  We are different by combining expertise and the latest in property management software. APM boosts owners’ and real estate agents’ functionality. We achieve success because of robust interactive client system and years of experience. “We manage your properties… leveraging your time.” We are the evolution of real estate operators/managers.

Unlocking the Benefits of Property & Facility Management with APM

Managing a property is no easy undertaking, it requires a great deal of time, attention, and knowledge. That’s why hiring a great property & facilities manager is helpful. A full-service management firm can dedicate more time, provide committed focus, and offer enhanced overseeing with best practices to create ideal scenarios and streamlined operations.

Maintaining any property is often stressful and distracts from other organizational opportunities. But hiring a property & facilities management firm can decrease workload and stress, which increases time and return for a real estate entity or investor.

Ashore Property Management (APM) has a vested interest in helping it clients find more time, so they can reallocate attention and resources to new opportunities. APM’s mission is to effectively manage your properties so you can utilize the most precious commodity of all, time. APM ensures clients no longer have to be overly concerned with a property and thus exponentially gain autonomy to execute on future growth trajectories.

Being responsible for a property is more than just development or maintenance. It is about providing full-service solutions that give the best of both property and facilities management. Facilities management is about providing onsite oversight and execution on property systems and other various concerns alongside general superintendency of a building. As a result, APM focuses on several core ideas in order to add value for clients. Ashore Property Management sets itself apart from other firms by facilitating clients’ reclamation of time, which generates ideal outcomes and even greater returns.

APM helps real estate agents and investors:

  • Decreases stress. Allowing APM to manage your property decreases the burdens and anxieties associated with your asset. As an expert management firm, we offer property preservation and safeguard your interests for increased financial impact, which adds significant value to your property and organization. APM’s consistent, systematic, and innovative approach decreases risk and alleviates stress regarding your property.
  • Increases freedom. Offloading property overseeing to a trusted, expert management firm like APM allows your organization more autonomy to explore other avenues of growth and expansion. When we manage your property new organizational possibilities become more apparent and accessible, offering you the freedom to develop new trajectories for your organization.
  • Leverage time. When APM manages a property your organization can reallocate resources and focus to envisage new opportunities. APM empowers your organization to execute on new potential growth strategies with increased bandwidth and decreased burdens for high-impact returns.  

Property management is an essential priority in today’s economy. It is imperative that asset-owners have a property manager that offers complete overseeing while increasing value and achieving maximum return potential. APM offers its clients attentive overseeing for even greater flexibility and returns. Ashore Property Management provides enhanced management through best practices ensuring comprehensive and successful results. Simply, managing your property…leveraging your time and returns.